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Math – Prodigy

Megan Hybner
Megan HybnerORMS - 6/7th Grade Math

Megan Hybner, 6/7th grade math teacher at Oak Run Middle School, keeps her students engaged by having them complete practice math questions on Prodigy. Prodigy is an online “game” that has students battle animals, similar to Pokemon. To win a battle they must correctly answer math questions. The program is individualized to the level of the student so everybody gets to practice on their own level. Prodigy has math content available for students in 1st grade through 8th grade. When students first login to the game, they will take a placement test so the program can give them the right material. Teachers are able to track student progress and usage from the teacher portal. Prodigy also has just added STAAR based questions for teachers to push out to their students. Ms. Hybner has an added incentive for students to play Prodigy; each week she posts the class winners up on the board and those students get Hybner Bucks which can be redeemed for prizes. 

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Dual Language – Spanish Body Parts

Guadalupe Gonzalez
Guadalupe GonzalezVFE- 1st Dual Language

Guadalupe Gonzalez, 1st grade dual language teacher at Voss Farms Elementary, used Adobe Spark Video, YouTube, RAZ Kids & Epic to help her students learn the parts of the body in Spanish. Students were shown a YouTube video that was a Spanish version of Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes. They encouraged to sing along and follow the video as a whole class. They also read a few books on Epic and RAZ Kids that were in Spanish over the parts of the body. These books not only tied in with the high frequency words they were studying but the ELA TEKS as well. At the end of the unit students were tasked to create an video dictionary using Adobe Spark Post. 

Dual Language – Spanish Body Parts2018-02-08T14:26:10+00:00

Math-Smart Resolutions

Lynda McLean
Lynda McLeanNBMS- 8th Math

Lynda McLean, 8th grade math teacher at New Braunfels Middle school, kicked off the new year with a Nearpod that encouraged students to think about smart new year resolutions. Many teachers use Nearpod in their classrooms but few are aware of the new “collaborate” feature in the program. This feature allows students to post to a virtual corkboard and see posts from other students in a controlled environment. Students are not just limited to text responses, Collaborate also supports links and images as well. Students in Ms. McLean’s class were actively engaged during this quick warm-up and shared many great resolutions!

Math-Smart Resolutions2018-01-18T15:13:18+00:00

Idea Lab – Coding

Hollee Becerra
Hollee BecerraLamar - IDEA Lab

Hollee Becerra, IDEA lab teacher at Lamar Elementary, gears her students up for Hour of Code during their specials rotations. Ms.Becerra had students visit two stations during IDEA lab that helped them learn how to code and program. Students worked on Code.org to code a character from the popular Minecraft game get through different challenges. Code.org is a great tool for the beginning coder, since it gives students hints on how to correctly code the characters for their challenges. Ms.Becerra also had students coding an electronic mouse to get him through a maze. These students worked as a team to create the maze and then code the mouse to go through the maze obstacles.

Idea Lab – Coding2017-12-06T14:23:26+00:00

Math – Recording Lessons

Teacher Name
Teacher NameNBHS - Math

Jennifer Skrhak, Math teacher at New Braunfels High School, uses Mimio and Quicktime to record her lessons for her students to view outside of class. Mimio is an interactive whiteboard that allows Mrs.Skrhak to project her computer screen and record her annotations electronically. During class Mrs. Skrhak uses the Mimio to write electronically on notes that she has loaded into the Mimio software. She is able to capture her lesson and annotations on her notes for her students by using Quicktime to record the computer screen and a bluetooth microphone to record herself giving explanations to the class. After she records her lessons she uploads them to a Google Drive folder for her students to view after class is over.

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Math Dual Credit – Canvas

Debra Cunningham
Debra CunninghamNBHS - Math

Debra Cunningham, Math teacher at New Braunfels High School, uses the Canvas platform with her dual credit students. Dual credit teachers have access to Canvas through the Alamo Colleges ACES account. Canvas is an online learning management system that allows teachers to post content for students and students are able to interact with the content within that system. Canvas allows students to turn in assignments as webpages, documents, video, and audio. Students are also able to collaborate with each other using discussion boards. Canvas is only available to students who are in Dual Credit courses but some of the features that are within Canvas can be found with the systems that NBISD has for our students. If you want to use a certain feature of Canvas and you do not teach Dual Credit you can contact your technology specialist and we can help you find a tool that you can use.

Math Dual Credit – Canvas2018-04-03T17:39:29+00:00

PE – Sworkit Kids

Shannon Spence
Shannon SpenceCSE - PE Teacher

Shannon Spence, PE Teacher at Carl Schurz Elementary, uses iPads to help motivate students during their daily workouts. Coach Spence has students rotate through stations during PE and one of those stations utilize a set of iPads with an app called Sworkit Kids. Sworkit allows students to customize workouts to the individual child. Students are able to create their own workouts by choosing from multiple different strength exercises, agility exercises and flexibility and balance exercises to add to their workout. Coach Spence has found that her students are more motivated to do their workouts now that Sworkit Kids allows them to take ownership of what exercises they are doing.

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Library – Green Screen Commericals

Abby Saunders
Abby SaundersSE - Librarian

Green screens are no longer just for weathermen! They are becoming popular for students and teachers to use in the classroom for everything from morning announcements to placing students into a place in history for their videos. This fall Abby Saunders, librarian at Seele Elementary, helped her GT students create commercials for a school wide election. The student groups decided on a “Seele Hour of Fun” topic where the entire school would participate in a hour of a fun activity. The school voted on three choices Art Hour, Board Game Hour, or Electronic Hour. The students first created their script and then filmed it on their iPads in front of a green screen. With the help of Mrs. Saunders, the students created custom backgrounds for their videos and created their commercials in iMovie. They used Pic Collage to create the digital advertisements that are shown in their movies. Students around the school watched the commercials on the announcements and had the opportunity to vote on their favorite choice through a Google Form that Mrs. Saunders created.


“I think green screens are a great piece of technology for any teacher to utilize in their classroom.” – Abby Saunders

Library – Green Screen Commericals2017-04-07T17:11:09+00:00

Math – Geometry

Casey Albarado
Casey AlbaradoLE - 4th Grade, Math & Science

Casey Albarado, 4th grade math and science teacher at Lamar Elementary, uses her “Digital Notebooks” to freshen up her classes! Ms. Albarado uses several apps to help teach her students geometry. She first creates the notebook in Pages and uploads it into iTunes U for her students to retrieve. The students then download the notebook into Notability so they can complete the assignments. One assignment has the students create a copy of a Google Slide. Students are able to show what they know by completing a digital sorting activity. After they complete the activity, they take a screenshot and add it to their notebook. When the students complete all the activities in their notebook they turn it into eBackpack for grading.

Math – Geometry2017-03-08T19:05:13+00:00

ELA – Word Work Station

Brinda Soto
Brinda SotoKRE - 1st Grade

Brinda Soto, 1st Grade teacher at Klein Road Elementary, blends traditional classroom instruction with technology using QR codes and Google Drive. Mrs. Soto uses the iPad to record herself giving instructions to her students for her Daily 5 word work station and uploads the video to Google Drive. She is then able to link that video to a QR code that the students scan when they get to their station. The students scan the QR code and watch the video to follow along with the activity that she is teaching. They are able to pause or rewatch parts of the video to help strengthen their understanding of the content she is teaching. Her students are able to take responsibility for their own learning by using this technology! See an excerpt below of how Mrs. Soto starts off her activities in her word work station.

ELA – Word Work Station2017-11-09T15:50:57+00:00
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