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Badge Request Process

Badge Application Process

  1. Find a badge you would like to earn.
  2. Use the independent study materials to learn about the topic OR request a training.
  3. Fill out the Request a Badge Form. The badge request form may link to a quiz or a form application. If it links to the quiz, take the quiz, otherwise, fill out the form.

When filling out the badge request form application, you will be asked to:

  • Provide a description on how you are using this program in your classroom.
  • Provide a link/links to examples of products your students created, photos of you or them using the product, and your lesson plan.
  • If enough information is not provided at the time of submission or we need clarification you may be contacted to provide more information.

Badge Request Approval Process

  1. The form or quiz request gets received by the Instructional Technology Department.
  2. Staff members will review your badge request based on the information you provided and with input from your technology specialist and campus administration (if needed).
  3. Once approved, we will make all updates to our tec21.org website and send you the graphic of your badge to place on any individual sites you may have.

New Badge Request

If you have a new idea for a Badge please contact your Campus Technology Specialist. They have access to the form that needs to be submitted. They will need the following information for the form.

  • The name of the program/app you would like added
  • How this program/app is used in the classroom
  • Why you think this program/app should be added as a badge
  • Is there anyone else in the district using it?
  • How you think this program/app would benefit other teachers if they learned about it