Katherine Bowers
Katherine BowersMemorial Elementary - 3rd Grade

“Finding fun ways to incorporate technology into a math lesson can be difficult.” – Katherine Bowers

Students in Mrs. Bower’s 3rd grade Math class were having a blast turning their geometric shapes into foxes and describing all their characteristics. They were given a geometric shape on a piece of card stock and asked to color it as if it were a fox. They then cut and taped together the paper to create a 3D “fox.” After the fox was completed, the students took a picture of it on their iPads and uploaded it into ChatterPix. The students recorded themselves describing the different characteristics of their specific geometric shape. Mrs. Bowers created a folder in eBackpack for the students to turn their videos in to. She was then able to download each video and upload it into iMovie where she added music and transitions to bring the shapes to their foxy lives!