Get your iPad connected and setup at home and school. Find the app catalog and get apps downloaded.

Student Security

Need to restrict your child into a particular app or limit their screen time? These videos will help you manage your child’s time on task.


Keeping your child’s iOS up to date as well as all the apps up to date will help keep the workflow working seamlessly.

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Contact Us

Need More Help?

If you don’t find what you are looking for here, need more help or just want to talk through a few things, please use the contact info below. It is helpful if you can try and pinpoint the correct track so we can get the correct person connected with you.

Technical Help
Do you need technical help with the iPad hardware or iOS? Examples would include cracked screen, not charging, app catalog, iOS updates, screen time, guided access, apple ID issues.


Instructional Help
Need help with the instructional workflow? For example, understanding a particular app, monitoring student work or grades, where to find material in Canvas or SeeSaw?