MariSol Padilla
MariSol PadillaNew Braunfels High School- Spanish Instructor

This month’s Technology Spotlight is on MariSol Padilla, AP Spanish Instructor at New Braunfels High School.  A proud Unicorn graduate, Señora Padilla brings her infectious enthusiasm and extensive cultural knowledge into the classroom every day, inspiring her students to be actively involved in the language learning process.  In order to keep her AP clientele challenged and engaged with the College Board Curriculum for not only the  AP Spanish Language, but also the AP Spanish LITERATURE and Culture coursework, MariSol relies on a variety of teaching methods, many of which require current technology.  For interactive engagement, the FlipGrid app is used for sending out real world, native speaker prompts for students to record their reactions and practice their spoken Spanish. Working collaboratively with fellow AP teacher Nancy Barajas at NGC vía Google Hangouts, they even began doing a #flipgridfriday as part of their weekly routine! As a springboard to captivating, relevant conversations and reflective writing, Virtual Reality lessons using our ClassVR headsets transport her students to the exotic settings of the literary pieces being discussed within the AP Thematic Units.  Sra. Padilla is always on the hunt for new ways to keep her students’ interest piqued.  A great example of this is having them create pretend social media posts as if they were the characters of Don Quixote de la Mancha or El Burlador de Sevilla… allowing students to prove their deep understanding of the personae in a fun, whimsical delivery!  On the practical side of things, she has made good use of to deliver her PDFs to classes, which will automatically grade their work, thus freeing up more time for planning.  We could all use some of that!  Excelente trabajo, Sra. Padilla, that you do with your students!

Some funny Twitter posts from Tisbea, one of Don Juan’s many victims.

FlipGrid for interactive, spoken Spanish practice.

Virtual Reality trips to Spain and hilarious GIFs from 14th century peninsular literature characters! to get the grading done for you! to get the grading done for you!