Larry Hickman
Larry HickmanNBMS - 7th Grade ELA

Larry Hickman, 7th grade ELA teacher at New Braunfels Middle School, assesses students’ strengths and weaknesses by using several apps to help students succeed on upcoming classroom assessments.  In Google Slides Mr. Hichman creates a crossword template for students to fill in as they review for the test. “Google Slides is a great way for me to create my own review packet which makes it relevant to what I teach and what the students need to learn for the upcoming test.”  He exports this slide into a PDF and places it into iTunesU. Students then grab this PDF and complete the assignment in Notability.

For independent work, students work at their own pace to review vocabulary terms in Quizizz. Once students complete their quiz, Mr. Hickman accesses reports on the admin side to see the percentages of questions missed. This data helps him see which questions were missed the most so he can immediately review concepts that were misunderstood.

Another great resource that Mr. Hickman utilizes is Kahoot. Students are given a code to join the game that Mr. Hickman has created, then they race to see if they can get the answer first and be the top scorer. Kahoot is a great way for students to get instant feedback, which allows them to immediately reflect on their answers and clear up any misunderstandings they may have had.