Megan Hybner
Megan HybnerORMS - 6/7th Grade Math

Megan Hybner, 6/7th grade math teacher at Oak Run Middle School, keeps her students engaged by having them complete practice math questions on Prodigy. Prodigy is an online “game” that has students battle animals, similar to Pokemon. To win a battle they must correctly answer math questions. The program is individualized to the level of the student so everybody gets to practice on their own level. Prodigy has math content available for students in 1st grade through 8th grade. When students first login to the game, they will take a placement test so the program can give them the right material. Teachers are able to track student progress and usage from the teacher portal. Prodigy also has just added STAAR based questions for teachers to push out to their students. Ms. Hybner has an added incentive for students to play Prodigy; each week she posts the class winners up on the board and those students get Hybner Bucks which can be redeemed for prizes.