Stephanie Henze
Stephanie HenzeORMS- 7th grade Science

Stephanie Henze, 7th grade Science teacher, at Oak Run Middle School uses a variety of audio features when assessing her students.  When giving students a short quiz, she uses Vocaroo to quickly capture herself reading aloud the quiz questions.  The audio recording is accessible through a link on the web so students are able to access the audio recording by scanning a QR code.  For longer assessments, she chooses to use Garage Band to record herself reading aloud the entire test.  Her students are then able to access this lengthier audio recording through her iTunesU course.  The students have full audio functionality through the Music App on their iPads which gives them the ability to pause, rewind, and fast forward.  These functions are very helpful because they allow her students to pause for work time or rewind to hear a question again.