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Teacher Spotlights

Science- Structure of Elements PBL

Melissa Brown
Melissa BrownNBMS- 8th grade Science
Kyle Adams
Kyle AdamsNBMS- 8th grade Science
Lindsay Hargrave
Lindsay HargraveNBMS- 8th grade Science

The 8th grade Science team at New Braunfels Middle School guides their students through a tech-infused PBL unit where students learn to model the structure of elements. The driving question of this unit is: As scientists, how can we design and create a model of an element so that these models can be used by other students in a lab scavenger hunt? Students began the unit with a pre-assessment.  The score received on the pre-assessment then places each student on their individual level: Level 1-Emerging, Level-2-Proficient, or Level 3-Advanced. In each level, students are given activities and checkpoints to facilitate their own learning.

In level 1 students scan QR codes to access a video or reading passage on the Bohr Model.  Students check for understanding by completing a checkpoint on the Bohr Model that they retrieve from iTunes U and turn into eBackpack.

In level 2 students scan a QR code to watch a video on element identification and then complete a checkpoint using eBackpack Assessments.  

If students are not mastering the level 1 or 2 checkpoints they are pulled into small group workshops where the teacher reteaches each concept until individual student mastery is achieved.

In level 3 students demonstrate mastery of content by creating a study aid and an Element Identity Quiz.  Students created their study aids using one of the following apps: Trading Cards, Quizlet, Popplet, Prezi, Tiny Cards, or Study Blue.  Students created their quiz using one of these apps: Quizizz, Kahoot, Quizalize, Notability, Google Docs, or Google Forms.

For the project culmination students were to create a model of an element that could be used in a lab scavenger hunt.  Students could choose to create a tangible model or a digital model using the app 123D Design. Students practice identifying each others element models during a lab scavenger hunt.

AppLetics – Unicorn Football’s Technological Advantage

Glenn Mangold
Glenn MangoldHigh School - Athletics/ Football
Mark Wrase
Mark WraseHigh School - Athletics/ Football

This month’s AppLetics Technology Spotlight is on Coaches Mangold and Wrase and the NBHS football program.  Building a successful 6A football program is no small task here in Texas.  Maintaining it once the foundation is in place is perhaps the most challenging endeavor of all successful programs.  Our coaching staff, led by Head Coach Glenn Mangold and Defensive Coordinator Mark Wrase, require plenty of technology to help keep the community updated on results, streamline workouts and practices, and conduct vital behind the scenes tasks such as scouting and game film review.  To keep our athletes taken care of, as well as posting online schedules and results, NBISD coaches rely on RankOneSport.com.  Through this portal, they can monitor injury reports, publish event information, and post live results to the web vía the RankOne Mobile App.  In the weight room, athletes are run through their workouts on our flat screen array using our RackPerformance.com account, optimizing their “Iron Paradise” time.  Lastly, for practice and game footage analysis, as well as playbook memorization, coaches and players use Hudl.com for their off the field preparation needs.  A huge “KUDOS” to our coaches for all the work they do for our student athletes!

Unicorn coaches oversee a RackPerformance.com workout.

4 screen flat panel array keeps athletes focused on their workouts.

RankOneSport.com for schedules, results, and injury monitoring.

HUDL.com… a multi-sport analysis tool.

HUDL.com for footage analysis and playbook memorization.

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Librarian/ PBL Director

Amanda Hunt
Amanda HuntOak Run Middle School- Librarian

This month’s Technology Spotlight is on Amanda Hunt, Head Librarian and Media Specialist at Oak Run Middle School.  Born and raised in New Braunfels, Ms. Hunt brings her True Blue enthusiasm to the workplace every day and inspires her students and teachers to explore and think outside the box during the learning process.  The daughter of 2 Unicorn educators, she began her hi-tech trajectory at a young age, winning a TCEA grant in High School that set the path for her technological applications within the educational space. In addition to her librarian expertise (she has a Masters in Library Science!), she also leads the UIL reading and writing teams, sponsors the monthly Book Club and MakerSpace Club, is the campus GT facilitator AND is our district PBL director!  If you ever drop by ORMS, you’ll undoubtedly find Ms. Hunt working with both students and teachers, guiding them on how to most efficiently incorporate the latest technology into challenging and thought provoking lessons, using a VARIETY of tools such as 3D printing, PicCollage, iMovie, Animoto, NearPod, Spark, Google Suite apps, 3D pens, Ozobots, Spheros, Virtual Reality, MakeyMakey, LittleBits, and MORE!  We appreciate all you do for our faculty and students, Ms. Hunt (AKA @libtechGT )!!!

48 Transform Badges?!?  Is there anything you can’t do, Miss Hunt?

3D Printing with MakerBot.

MakerSpace Club!

Plenty to learn in MakerSpace Club!

Ozobots in MakerSpace Club

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VR Trip to Austrailia

Bryan Mortenson
Bryan MortensonNGC - Geography

Mr. Mortenson’s class took a virtual field trip with a set of VR Goggles to Australia and New Zealand to compare and contrast the differences between the coastal and central regions of these two areas.  While part of the class was “down under”, others researched text, and some looked for additional information online.  The students really loved the experience of feeling like they were submerged in the actual environment. The goggles provided a complete blackout of the real world around them and allowed them to feel like they really were walking around the Australian Outback.  Mr. Mortenson was also able to direct them to certain parts of the area they were in during the virtual tour to make sure students were getting the most out of their short time.  After the trip concluded, they completed an analysis of their findings and submitted a report back.

Dual Language – Spanish Body Parts

Guadalupe Gonzalez
Guadalupe GonzalezVFE- 1st Dual Language

Guadalupe Gonzalez, 1st grade dual language teacher at Voss Farms Elementary, used Adobe Spark Video, YouTube, RAZ Kids & Epic to help her students learn the parts of the body in Spanish. Students were shown a YouTube video that was a Spanish version of Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes. They encouraged to sing along and follow the video as a whole class. They also read a few books on Epic and RAZ Kids that were in Spanish over the parts of the body. These books not only tied in with the high frequency words they were studying but the ELA TEKS as well. At the end of the unit students were tasked to create an video dictionary using Adobe Spark Post. 

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English III PreAP – Allusions

Suzanne Freese
Suzanne FreeseNBHS - English III PreAP

Students in Suzanne Freese’s English III Pre AP class at New Braunfels High School, found a primary resource using myths, historical events, or a story from the Bible.  Once students chose their article they downloaded it to Notability so they could annotate and then summarize the article.  Students also added an image that clearly illustrated the story. Students then found the modern use of allusion and added an illustration to depict it. Once the summaries were written and images were found, students used Keynote or Google Slides to create a presentation for the class. These presentations were then turned into eBackpack to be graded.

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ELA – SeeSaw Activity

Natalie Randazzo
Natalie RandazzoVE - 1st Grade

Natalie Randazzo, 1st grade teacher, at Veramendi Elementary uses the Activities feature in SeeSaw to enhance her students learning experience.  Her class completed several reading and writing lessons themed around the “Gingerbread Man.”  Natalie gave her students the chance to decorate their own digital Gingerbread Man using the SeeSaw Activities feature.  After they used digital pen tools to decorate their Gingerbread Man, they were also able to use the record tool to tell a story about their Gingerbread Man.  All of the students’ work was shared with Natalie through SeeSaw so she could grade the work and show student samples to the whole class.  Check out Natalie’s SeeSaw Activity HERE.

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English – Edgar Allan Poe PBL

Melanie Jaramillo
Melanie JaramilloORMS - 7th Grade ELA

Melanie Jaramillo, a 7th grade ELA teacher at Oak Run Middle School,  uses several technology resources in order for her students to complete the Edgar Allan Poe PBL.  Using Google Docs, Melanie uses Hyperlinks to help students navigate to important websites, access the grading rubric, a calendar of due dates and expectations.  Melanie uses the Smore Newsletter in order to deliver the PBL driving question, answers to frequently asked questions and links to important websites.  Students are required to use Sign Up Genius to attend a mandatory workshop before beginning the project.  Students use the Google Slides Presentation app to turn in their final presentation to the teacher.  Melanie’s quote about Google Slides. “I have found Google Slides to be one of the best apps to use for group projects.  Google slides app enhances group productivity by allowing the students to create one slide show and share it with each member of their group, at which point, every member can work on the slideshow at the SAME TIME!! They and see each other’s work, edit each other’s work, and even work together on the same slide on two different Ipads at the same time.  I also have each group share their slideshow with me, which allows me to see their work and check their progress on a daily basis at any given time from any device from anywhere!  I LOVE it!”

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Math-Smart Resolutions

Lynda McLean
Lynda McLeanNBMS- 8th Math

Lynda McLean, 8th grade math teacher at New Braunfels Middle school, kicked off the new year with a Nearpod that encouraged students to think about smart new year resolutions. Many teachers use Nearpod in their classrooms but few are aware of the new “collaborate” feature in the program. This feature allows students to post to a virtual corkboard and see posts from other students in a controlled environment. Students are not just limited to text responses, Collaborate also supports links and images as well. Students in Ms. McLean’s class were actively engaged during this quick warm-up and shared many great resolutions!

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Create a State

Cari Gray
Cari GrayNBHS - Social Studies

Imagine being able to create your very own state – you decide how it came to be and how the state is governed. Students in Mrs. Gray’s US Government class were able to do just that!  They utilized a “recipe sheet” to outline a story about the origin and background of their state. They had to decide on the geographic distribution of power, the legislative/executive relationship, the number of people who participate, and more.  Then, they chose the program/app of their choice to tell that story. Some students chose Keynote, others used Adobe Spark Page, while still others used iMovie.  It was fun to see the individual creativity of each student with the creation of their state and how they chose to tell its story to the class!

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IDEA Lab/ MakerSpace

Jennifer Mulero
Jennifer MuleroVE- IDEA Lab

This month’s Technology Spotlight is on Jennifer Mulero, IDEA Lab Instructor at Veramendi Elementary.  Having retired from the United States Navy, Mrs. Mulero seamlessly blends her structured civil service background with her love for creativity to provide the perfect recipe for the MakerSpace environment.  Trying to organize a variety of challenging tasks for students ranging in age from 5-11 would be a daunting endeavor for any teacher.  Mrs. Mulero is able to structure her stations and differentiate her lessons using everything from Origami to OSMOS to Coding, providing a multitude of tasks that stimulate students’ creativity in an environment that encourages exploration without fear of failure.  Great job, Jennifer!!!



Tools of the trade.

Working hard with the kids!


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Light It Up! – Circuits PBL

Briana Morgan
Briana MorganME - 5th Grade

Briana Morgan, a 5th Grade teacher at Memorial Elementary, completed an electrifying PBL with her students over circuits!  Students were required to use a 9-volt battery as their power source, have at least one switch, and complete a closed circuit that produced working lights. The students were also able to include extra parts to their circuits such as motors or moving parts. They tested different materials for conductors and insulators, researched some Math and Science connections through StemScopes, and built a project to show off their knowledge of how circuits work.  They completed to-do lists in Notability throughout the PBL to keep them on track and submitted these to eBackpack.  They were able to present their projects to the entire school in the gym with the lights dimmed so their work could really shine! The students had a lot of fun with this project and were able to discuss in detail how a circuit works and what they did to complete their own.

Click to view rubric and to do lists!

Rubric          To Do Part 1          To Do Part 2          To Do Part 3

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Foreign Language- Active Learning

Carolyn Barber
Carolyn BarberOak Run Middle School- Spanish

This month’s Technology Spotlight is on Carolyn Barber, Spanish Instructor at Oak Run Middle School.  A proud NBHS unicorn graduate, Señorita Barber incorporates her love for international travel and cultural studies into her curriculum, giving her students useful insight into the world outside of New Braunfels.  She has proven herself to be a leader amongst her peers in seeking out new technologies that further engage her students and ensure an active learning environment.

Carolyn is one of many NBISD instructors that is using Google Classroom for some content delivery and online assessment.  As you can see below, students are all engaged during this comprehension check on a cultural video about Costa Rica!  

Flipgrid is a popular app that fits perfectly into the Foreign Language TEKS.  The instructor can easily assess student spoken samples in a “grid” format, streamlining their comprehension checks and assessments.  To get students up and moving, Srta. Barber uses GooseChase activities for collaborative, teamwork-focused, interactive tasks.   While students are out chasing geese, Carolyn can monitor all of their entries and whereabouts in real-time on her iPad!

Tons of engaging tools in Carolyn’s quiver!

Google Classroom live assessments… everyone is focused!

Real-time, interactive monitoring of student activities.

Goosechase: easy to use instructor tools for assessment.

Flipgrid: Streamlining comprehension checks for instructors.

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English – Journalism

Lauren Smith
Lauren SmithNGC - ELA Teacher

Lauren Smith, an English Language Arts teacher at the Ninth Grade Center, uses iMovie, Vimeo and Adobe Spark Page to share weekly announcements with her campus.  The students are responsible for gathering important weekly school news, editing the material in iMovie, exporting it to Vimeo, and lastly attaching it to the Adobe Spark Page. This page is then shared with the campus each week. Adobe Spark Page is a great way to see the full year at a glance all in one place.

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AP Physics – Atwood’s Machine Lab

Susan Barber
Susan BarberHigh School - AP Physics

Susan Barber, AP Physics teacher at New Braunfels High School, has her students use digital lab equipment to collect data for their Atwood’s Machine Lab.  The students objective was to determine how the acceleration of two masses of an Atwood’s machine are affected by their difference in mass. The students must experimentally determine the mathematical relationship between the acceleration of an Atwood’s machine, the difference between the two masses, and the sum of those two masses, and compare the experimental data to the acceleration predicted by Newton’s Second Law.  To achieve their objective the students will build their own Atwood’s Machine that includes the use of some digital lab equipment which will collect pertinent data for them— a Super Pulley and a Smart Gate Photogate.  Photogates are used to teach students fundamental concepts about measuring time intervals and calculating speed and acceleration from their measurements— they are much more accurate than a traditional stopwatch. The students iPads connect via bluetooth to the digital lab equipment so they can collect the data needed for the lab with the Pasco app on the iPad.

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Idea Lab – Coding

Hollee Becerra
Hollee BecerraLamar - IDEA Lab

Hollee Becerra, IDEA lab teacher at Lamar Elementary, gears her students up for Hour of Code during their specials rotations. Ms.Becerra had students visit two stations during IDEA lab that helped them learn how to code and program. Students worked on Code.org to code a character from the popular Minecraft game get through different challenges. Code.org is a great tool for the beginning coder, since it gives students hints on how to correctly code the characters for their challenges. Ms.Becerra also had students coding an electronic mouse to get him through a maze. These students worked as a team to create the maze and then code the mouse to go through the maze obstacles.

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CTE Health Science – Organ Donor PBL

Winki Smith
Winki SmithHealth- NBHS

This month’s Technology Spotlight is on Winki Smith, Health teacher at NBMS.  Having dedicated 14 years to NBISD, Winki (AKA Coach Smith) is a dedicated Unicorn as are her 2 NBHS graduate sons.  She is particularly passionate about the importance of being an Organ Donor as the tragic loss of a close family member saved the lives of (at least) 4 other individuals in need of a viable organ.  Her students’ work with the Chris Klug foundation, featuring online coursework, combined with productive class discussions and hands on creation of Public Service Announcements blend together perfectly to make an AWESOME Project-Based Learning products!  Hats off to Coach Smith for her engaging lesson and for going out of her way to learn some advanced features of Imovie, producing her own instructor modeled PSA about Organ Donation using Sign Language! 

Be an Organ Donor!

Project Based Learning

Collaborative Projects

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English – Campus Wide Service Project

Kim Nichols
Kim NicholsNBMS - ELA
Jennie Cummins
Jennie CumminsNBMS - ELA
Kacy Zaleski
Kacy ZaleskiNBMS - Librarian

As part of the Helping in the Community PBL, Kim Nichols, Kacy Zaleski and Jennie Cummins at New Braunfels Middle School are using Padlet to collect questions students wrote to ask expo exhibitors at the nonprofit expo and gallery walk. Questions were collected all day and students can see not only their classes’ responses, but other classes’ responses as well.

Students will also create a campus wide service project and multi media presentation. The PBL will culminate with students writing an essay about the experience.


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English Language Learners- Active Learning

Melissa Zúñiga
Melissa ZúñigaNBHS Ninth Grade Center- ELL Instructor

This month’s Technology Spotlight is on Melissa Zúñiga, ELL Instructor at the NBHS Ninth Grade Center.  Mother to a family of fellow Unicorns, Señora Zúñiga takes advantage of her strong bilingual background to provide a comfortable and engaging learning setting for her ELL students.  The pride she exhibits as a Unicorn graduate herself is evident in the productive classroom environment one feels upon entering her classroom.  Our ELL program is very fortunate to have Melissa leading the way on the challenging road of second language learning that all of her students face.

Google Suite:  

Melissa is one of many NGC instructors that use a variety of offerings of the Google Suite for some content delivery and online assessment.  In addition to Google Classroom, Sra. Zúñiga takes full advantage of Google Forms and Sheets for tracking ELL individual tutorial time for her students and aides.  Google Slides and Docs allow her to organize and deliver audio-visual content and create a user-friendly workflow to address her highly varied student needs.

Interactive Apps

Reducing learner anxiety is key to language acquisition! Interactive apps such as FlipGrid are perfect for getting ELL students to practice their English comprehension AND production.  Users must not only understand the prompts (can be video, audio, or text!), but be able to respond in the target language in an interface that students can customize and enjoy using.

For reading practice, Sra. Zúñiga and her students maximize their comprehensible input with guided questions and easy to use student data generated by CommonLit.

As for real-world audio comprehension, Melissa works with the NGC Biology/ ELL instructor Mr. Avera to record his lessons so that students can review lectures at their own pace, asking questions to the ELL staff as necessary.

Rosetta Stone

NBISD invests wisely in our ELL program.  Each ELL student has an individual license to (arguably) the most effective online language learning program… Rosetta Stone!

A true-blue Unicorn at heart!

Rosetta Stone for all ELL students.

FlipGrid for interactive student activities.

Pre-recording teacher lectures from NGC staff.

CommonLit for reading comprehension & instructor feedback.

Social Studies – French and Indian War

Norma Cowen
Norma CowenOak Run - 8th Grade American History

Norma Cowen at Oak Run Middle School had her students select from a tiered rubric what project they wanted to complete to end their unit on the French and Indian War.  For 100 points, students could create an Adobe Spark Page to creatively display their knowledge about the war.  For 90 points, students could create a 15 question Kahoot! to quiz their classmates.  For 80 points, students could complete a Guided Reading handout.  There was also an additional option for extra credit where students could reflect on a Flipgrid question.  Students were very excited to be able to choose the project they wanted to complete and enjoyed sharing their work with their peers.  It was an organized chaos where learning was taking place everywhere you looked!

Check out some examples by clicking below!

Adobe Spark Page



Science- Shared Texture Videos

Cheri Visser
Cheri VisserCLE- 2nd Grade

Cheri Visser, 2nd grade teacher, at County Line Elementary integrates technology into a science lesson reviewing texture.  Students first create a paper display labeling the texture of different everyday items.  Students then turn their paper displays into an animated video where they describe each of the items texture using Chatterpix.  Students then shared the videos with Cheri through SeeSaw. Now other students and parents can view the texture videos through SeeSaw too.  Cheri also created QR Codes that link to each student’s video so she could display the paper creations and videos in the hallway.  Visitors to the school can easily get a snapshot of each student’s learning experience as they are passing through the hall.

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Math – Recording Lessons

Teacher Name
Teacher NameNBHS - Math

Jennifer Skrhak, Math teacher at New Braunfels High School, uses Mimio and Quicktime to record her lessons for her students to view outside of class. Mimio is an interactive whiteboard that allows Mrs.Skrhak to project her computer screen and record her annotations electronically. During class Mrs. Skrhak uses the Mimio to write electronically on notes that she has loaded into the Mimio software. She is able to capture her lesson and annotations on her notes for her students by using Quicktime to record the computer screen and a bluetooth microphone to record herself giving explanations to the class. After she records her lessons she uploads them to a Google Drive folder for her students to view after class is over.

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Social Studies – Colonies Commercial

Alan Alcala
Alan AlcalaNBMS - 8th Grade
Chesney Tompkins
Chesney TompkinsNBMS - 8th Grade
Kathy Hughes
Kathy HughesNBMS - 8th Grade

The 8th grade Social Studies team at New Braunfels Middle School had students persuading others to “join their colony” through creative commercials using iMovie or Keynote.  Students began by researching facts about their colony including geographic, political, and social information.  The class then created large graphic organizers to display their findings by attaching sticky notes to the corresponding research section. Notability was also used to gather information that would later be used in their commercial. This week-long research project was stored on their Google Drive to be able to stop or pick up at any moment. Once all the information was collected, groups were tasked with creating a script to convince others that their colony is “the place to be!” Commercials were required to be 2min or less, so a lot of practice was needed to ensure students did not go over the time allotted. After plenty of practice and perfection, students recorded each other to create their commercials.  They finalized their commercial using the iMovie or Keynote app on their iPads.  Students were really able to showcase their creativity through this PBL project and acquire a wealth of knowledge about the colonies and what made each of them great!

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Pre AP Science – iTunesU Organization

Margaret Smith
Margaret SmithORMS- 8th grade Science
Jacob Guerrero
Jacob GuerreroORMS- 8th grade Science

Margaret Smith and Jacob Gurrero, 8th grade Pre AP Science Teachers at Oak Run Middle School, use a course outline and weekly posts to keep their Pre AP Science iTunesU Course ultra organized.  The course structure is formed by creating a course outline based on the district’s Pre AP Science scope and sequence.  The course outline includes the overlying units that guide the content and also includes specific sub topics that detail what will be covered throughout each unit.  Course posts are then tied to the relevant topic from the course outline and the instructional week during which the content will be covered.  Students or parents can open a post from any particular week to view activities, assignments, announcements, and other resources that will be used during that entire week of instruction.  Margaret says setting up her iTunesU course in this layout helps her students when they are absent because the students know exactly where to find the work they missed.  Setting up your iTunesU course in a structured, easy to navigate format ensures your students can stay organized and on track throughout the entirety of your class.

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PE – Sworkit Kids

Shannon Spence
Shannon SpenceCSE - PE Teacher

Shannon Spence, PE Teacher at Carl Schurz Elementary, uses iPads to help motivate students during their daily workouts. Coach Spence has students rotate through stations during PE and one of those stations utilize a set of iPads with an app called Sworkit Kids. Sworkit allows students to customize workouts to the individual child. Students are able to create their own workouts by choosing from multiple different strength exercises, agility exercises and flexibility and balance exercises to add to their workout. Coach Spence has found that her students are more motivated to do their workouts now that Sworkit Kids allows them to take ownership of what exercises they are doing.

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HOSA- 3D printing, Distance Learning and PBL

Aimee Sailors
Aimee SailorsHOSA- NBHS

This month’s Technology Spotlight is on Aimee Sailors, Health Careers teacher at NBHS.  Having worked in the dental industry for 16 years previous to her teaching career, Mrs. Sailors brings an important insight into the career side of her course that is truly engaging for her students.  

Distance Learning

Along with her Health Careers colleagues, Ms. Fuller, Ms. Mendiola and Mrs. Reidinger, Aimee sets up live video conferencing with industry experts through NEPRIS that allow her students direct access to professionals that is/are? inspiring and engaging.Here’s an example of a recent conference she set up for her students (requires free subscription): https://nbsteam.nepris.com/Sessions/session/detail/51262

3D Scanning and Printing

During her career as a Dental Hygienist, Mrs. Sailors often worked with the latest 3D scanning and printing equipment and has brought that technology into the classroom, allowing the students to see first hand how this technology works, using our MakerBot 3D printers.

Cross-curricular collaboration/ Project Based Learning!

Mrs. Sailors’ students design concepts that address a particular need (e.g. A diabetic sock aide)  and collaborate with the 3D Design and Animation students to create and print a physical prototype for real-world testing.


One of our “Untethered” Teachers that is out among the students when presenting, facilitating her classroom management and student engagement.

3D Printing

3D Printing

Project Based Learning

Apple TV

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Elizabeth Downey
Elizabeth DowneyFifth Grade Math Teacher
Cassie Thomas
Cassie Thomas5th Grade ELA Teacher

Fifth Grade Teachers at Walnut Springs Elementary use Quizlet Live and Quizizz to review for upcoming assessments.  Elizabeth Downey has her students review math concepts for an upcoming test using Quizlet Live.  Quizlet Live randomly assigns students to a team and they compete to try to answer twelve questions. The first team to answer all twelve questions correctly wins!  Cassie Thomas uses Quizziz to help her students practice reading strategies.  Quizizz is another gamified tool to help students stay motivated and be engaged in their learning.  

Quizlet Live

Quizlet Live



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Physics – Mission to Mars

Christine Ziese
Christine ZieseNBHS-Pre-AP Physics

Christine Ziese at NBHS uses Mars Globe and Midnight Planets apps to enhance the Problem Based Learning Project for Pre-AP Physics, “Mission to Mars.”  In the project, students are assigned to teams that are tasked with creating a self sustaining colony on Mars (Students are introduced to the Project by being directed to the Mars One initiative website).  Students are given the opportunity to select one of five jobs of their choice within their group.  The project gives students access to 21st century skills:  problem-solving resolution, “outside the box” thinking skills, collaboration opportunities, creative thinking, technology to create a product, research and citing sources, writing skills, cross curricular planning and collaboration.  Students choose from Engineering Officer, Statistician Officer, Medical Officer, Science Officer, Technology Specialist Officer.  The project is a semester long project, at the end; students present a model as well as a written and live presentation of their research and vision of their Mars Colony.  Students are then asked questions by their fellow classmates, and defend their project to the teacher who asks in depth questions about their colony.

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ELA/Social Studies – Martin Luther King Jr.

Haley Krock
Haley KrockME- 3rd grade ELA

Haley Krock, 3rd grade teacher at Memorial Elementary, uses several apps with her students to introduce Martin Luther King Jr.  First she shares a “Digital Notebook” (PDF) with her students via iTunes U.  The students then open their digital notebook in Notability where they will complete all of the activities within.  The students will watch Brain Pop video clips on Martin Luther King Jr. and Abraham Lincoln and then compare and contrast the two historical figures using a digital Venn Diagram.  Next students will use the Canva app to create persuasive posters encouraging people to attend the “March on Washington”.  Students will also use Notability to write bio poems and complete a timeline activity.  Finally, students will combine what they have learned into a final Adobe Spark Video presentation on the timeline of Martin Luther King Jr.’s life. When the students finished all of the activities, they submitted their work to Haley via eBackpack.

Spanish – Google Slides

Carolyn Barber
Carolyn BarberORMS-Computer

Carolyn Barber, Spanish teacher at Oak Run Middle School, used Google Slides to create a fun and engaging gamified lesson to help her students review Spanish vocabulary words, and review for state assessments.  Students chose the name of their teams from a list of basketball league team.  They were posed questioned and if answered correctly they were able to throw a ball into the trash can for two points! Each Picture was linked to a question or a foul slide, which would make the opposing team get the chance to score two points.

Library – Green Screen Commericals

Abby Saunders
Abby SaundersSE - Librarian

Green screens are no longer just for weathermen! They are becoming popular for students and teachers to use in the classroom for everything from morning announcements to placing students into a place in history for their videos. This fall Abby Saunders, librarian at Seele Elementary, helped her GT students create commercials for a school wide election. The student groups decided on a “Seele Hour of Fun” topic where the entire school would participate in a hour of a fun activity. The school voted on three choices Art Hour, Board Game Hour, or Electronic Hour. The students first created their script and then filmed it on their iPads in front of a green screen. With the help of Mrs. Saunders, the students created custom backgrounds for their videos and created their commercials in iMovie. They used Pic Collage to create the digital advertisements that are shown in their movies. Students around the school watched the commercials on the announcements and had the opportunity to vote on their favorite choice through a Google Form that Mrs. Saunders created.


“I think green screens are a great piece of technology for any teacher to utilize in their classroom.” – Abby Saunders

Health – Organ Donation

Winki Smith
Winki SmithNBMS - 8th Grade Health

I wanted to grow my abilities with technology and allow creativity in the classroom.

Coach Winki’s health project was inspired from the Chris Klug Foundation: Advocating for Organ and Tissue Donation. Winki gathered free resources from the foundation including: curriculum, handouts and videos. Students developed 30 second PSAs for organ donation awareness. Students used PicCollage to create meaningful backgrounds to incorporate into their animated videos using Tellagami or Adobe Spark Video. In this project she challenged students to spread further awareness and to show all the different ways you can donate your organs. The videos had to be one of the three: educational, informational or actuate. Students had to connect and show integrity by organizing their information.  She decided to integrate new apps she learned from the App Smashing session.

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Math – Geometry

Casey Albarado
Casey AlbaradoLE - 4th Grade, Math & Science

Casey Albarado, 4th grade math and science teacher at Lamar Elementary, uses her “Digital Notebooks” to freshen up her classes! Ms. Albarado uses several apps to help teach her students geometry. She first creates the notebook in Pages and uploads it into iTunes U for her students to retrieve. The students then download the notebook into Notability so they can complete the assignments. One assignment has the students create a copy of a Google Slide. Students are able to show what they know by completing a digital sorting activity. After they complete the activity, they take a screenshot and add it to their notebook. When the students complete all the activities in their notebook they turn it into eBackpack for grading.

Band – Musical Meter

Dolores Jimenez
Dolores JimenezNBMS - Band

Musical Meter makes learning to read and play music rhythms fun. Its two-handed design helps students learn how to play and hold a note while viewing a visual representation of what they are playing. Visual representations and animated examples lets the students see and hear how to play each music symbol. 

Musical Meter helps students practice their timing and develops their sense of internal rhythm. Professional notations allow students to read sheet music with less ease. Once students master Musical Meter Novice, they can continue their skills in Musical Meter 2 (Intermediate) and 3 (Advanced). As students continue to grow their internal rhythm, Musical Meter Advanced adds more demanding site readings and timing exercises.

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Spanish – Vocabulary Practice

Christy Mullen
Christy MullenSpanish II and III

Mrs. Mullen’s class practices Spanish Vocabulary by using Quizlet Live. This is a fun, engaging and team building activity that encourages students to race against time using their Spanish Vocabulary so they can win. The team that answers all the flashcards the fastest wins! The program automatically designates which groups the students will be in and the students scramble to the new group and compete again! Mrs. Mullen also uses Quizlet Live as an Exit ticket to review Spanish vocabulary.  

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Math -Digtital Worksheets

Brittney Brittain
Brittney BrittainWSE- 2nd grade

Brittney Brittain, 2nd grade teacher at Walnut Springs Elementary, uses a combination of apps to make the use of digital materials an ease in her classroom.  Each student in her class uses a SeeSaw account to participate in class activities and share work. Seesaw is appropriate for younger learners in grades K-2 because the app uses familiar language and large graphics. Brittney is able to share digital math worksheets with her students quickly through Seesaw.  The students retrieve their digital work from SeeSaw and then edit their work in Notability.  Brittney prefers students to edit their work in Notability because it offers an easy to use pen tool and zoom features so students can write large.  When the students are finished editing their work in Notability they can easily submit their finished work back to SeeSaw so Brittney can see what they have completed from her iPad or computer.

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CTE- Criminal Justice

Jennifer Thompson
Jennifer ThompsonNBHS - CTE

Jennifer Thompson, Criminal Justice Teacher and NBHS, used Google Hangouts with her students to interview Travis County Crime Scene Investigator Shannon Schafer.  Ms. Shafer spoke to the class about her work in the field as well as her experiences doing contract work in Afghanistan.

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ELA – Text Features

Andrea Cole
Andrea ColeLSE- 3rd grade ELA

Andrea Cole, 3rd grade teacher at Lone Star Elementary, uses several apps with her students to teach Non-Fiction Text Features.  First she shares a “Digital Notebook” (PDF) with her students via iTunes U.  The students then open their digital notebook in Notability where they will complete all of the activities within.  The students will search through ebooks using the Epic app to find examples of non-fiction text features.  They will screen shot the feature when they find one in an ebook.  After a screen shot of each non-fiction text feature has been found they will use the Animoto app to create a slideshow.  In Animoto, they can insert the screen shots and label each one with the non-fiction text feature they represent.  They can also add a theme and music to create a polished presentation.  When the students finished all of the activities, they submitted their work to Andrea via eBackpack.